San Antonio College Music Business Program Presents FredStock Music Fest 2019 on Friday, April 26th from 12-10PM.
Friday | 04.26.2019 | FredStock Music Fest | 210-486-1380

Fredstock 2019 “Rockin’ the Block at FredStock”

10TH ANNUAL FREDSTOCK MUSIC FEST AT SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE “Rockin’ the Block at FredStock” SAN ANTONIO, APRIL 26, 2019 -- Grab your lawn chair and rock your way down to the San Antonio College (SAC) campus for a full day of eclectic multicultural music. The FredStock Music Fest will take place on Friday, April 26th from noon until 10 PM. Dance your way on down to the corner of Main Avenue and West Courtland Place. Henry Brun and the Latin Playerz, Funkasaurus Tex, Los #3 Dinners, Bad Boys, Blue Sundries, and The Buddy System will be filling the air with the unique sound of San Antonio. Our quirky and eccentric art and crafts vendors will display their wares and demonstrate creative techniques.

Fredstock Music Fest 2018

7th Annual Fredstock Music Festival Taking place today. This is the first year Fredstock is an offical Fiesta Event. Come on out, we'd love to see you.

Fredstock 2017

Fredstock from 2017

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